MP7 Industrial UPS

The MP7 is a fully modular and hot-swappable UPS delivering continuous three-phase AC power to your essential equipment. The MP7 employs high-frequency dual conversion technology to protect critical loads, providing reliable power isolated from AC mains distortion and fluctuation.

For mission-critical equipment, isolation and line maintenance is vital. MP7 comes standard with input, output and maintenance bypass breakers inside the main cabinet, or an external maintenance bypass panel option is available. 

Scalability & Flexibility

Offering 208V 10 kVA modules and 3-, 6- and 10-module cabinets to suit a wide range of project specifications and redundancy preferences.

Reduced Harmonic Distortion

Total harmonic distortion reduction using insulated gate bipolar transistors.

Isolation & Line Maintenance

Standard input, output, and maintenance bypass breakers inside the main cabinet for isolation and line maintenance.

Simple Expansion
& Maintenance

An internal maintenance bypass and static transfer switch through the bypass module, enabling simple expansion and easy maintenance without load interruption.

Small Footprint

Standardized cabinets vary in height only.

Easy Navigation

Touch-screen LCD control panel for enhanced control and easy navigation.

Output Control

Output voltage control employing pulse width modulation.

More Features

A wide range of standard and optional features.

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