CleanGrid Utility-Scale
Power Solutions

Applying the principles that have made our CleanGen™ mobile energy storage technology so valuable to our customers, we’re delighted to offer large-scale electrical grid operators and owners a powerful solution to many of the operational challenges they face.

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Our CleanGrid solution is ideal for:

  • Power utilities
  • District energy cooperatives
  • Isolated communities
  • Industrial and institutional companies.

Reduce Grid Congestion & Transmission Line Losses

Supplies instantaneous power during peak demand periods to reduce grid congestion and transmission line losses.

Assured Critical Loads

Ensures critical loads remain energized during transient or extended outages due to planned upgrades and extreme weather events

Reduced Costs

Stores low-cost energy during non-peak hours, delivering this energy during peak periods and reducing monthly power bills

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CleanGen™ A25

CleanGen 25A

CleanGen™ J250

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