CleanGen™ J250
250kWh battery capacity with 100kVA output

CleanGen™ provides clean, mobile power - anywhere you need it.

Environmentally Sustainable

Generates no operational greenhouse or noxious exhaust gases.

Reduced Operating & Maintenance Costs

No need for expensive fuel or active maintenance is required.

Quiet & Exhaust-free Operation

Place CleanGen™ near the load - no more long cables and associated costs.

Uninterrupted Power

Continuous, uninterrupted power virtually eliminates the risk of dropping a load.


Recharge CleanGen™ at a local EV charging station.

Recharge CleanGen™

No need to disconnect power to the load while recharging.

The Future of Power is Clean

We offer mobile sustainable power transcending ‘dirty’ and noisy fossil-fuelled generator sets.

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How did we find CleanGen™ ?

We’re proud of our culture of innovation, quality and service brought to bear on every product we offer. Coupling this heritage of excellence with our concern for the environment and leaving the world a better place motivated us to create our CleanGen™ mobile power solution.

Rechargeable, Mobile
Power Centers

CleanGen™ is a 100 kVA/250 kWh rechargeable battery on wheels, capable of replacing diesel or gasoline generator sets with non-polluting, silent and distortion-free uninterrupted power.

CleanGen Electric Generator

Power Solution
Designed to Last

With a lifespan of roughly 5,000 charge/discharge cycles (equivalent to over thirteen years of daily use), CleanGen™ represents the ideal rental opportunity boasting a 100% ROI in approximately 22 months. 

Want to dig into
technical specifications?


CleanGen™ A25

CleanGen 25A


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