MP7 Industrial UPS

MP7 Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply


MP7 provides your critical equipment with uninterruptible 3 phase AC power. Using high frequency dual conversion technology, MP7 protects the critical load and provides reliable power isolated from AC main distortion and fluctuation.


Using insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), MP7 reduces total harmonic distortion and controls output voltage utilizing pulse width modulation (PWM).


The MP7 UPS is a fully modular and hot swappable system which also contains an internal maintenance bypass and static transfer switch through the bypass module. This enables easy expansion and maintenance, all without load interruption.


For mission-critical equipment, isolation and line maintenance is vital. MP7 comes standard with input, output and maintenance bypass breakers inside the main cabinet, or an external maintenance bypass panel option is available.


Scalable and flexible, offering 10 kVA modules and 3, 6 and 10 module cabinets, MP7 can be customized to meet a wide range of job specifications.


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10 Module Industrial UPS showing modular architecture
MP7 6 module, 208V uninterruptible power supply


MP7 Features


  • Vienna rectifier
  • Module capacity 10kVA @ 208V AC
  • “Hot Swappable” power modules
  • Linear and non-linear load capability
  • IGBT modules in design for better regulations, efficiency and control
  • Conformal coating
  • Dedicated rectifier and inverter controllers in each module
  • Static transfer switch (<1 ms transfer time)
  • Input, output and bypass maintenance breakers
  • Battery temperature compensation (optional probe required)
  • Modbus RS232 & RS485 Port (Modbus TCP,SNMP optional)
  • Fault isolation
  • LCD Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Certificates: CSA-C22.2 No.107.3, CE 73/23 & 93/68, UL 1778

Overload Handling Capability

Chart of MP7 UPS overload capabilities

High MTBF and Low MTTR


Metering and Display

Real Time/Critical Monitoring Functionality

Key monitoring functions including:

  • Real time alarm monitoring
  • Fault history
  • Event logging
Main Input, Output and Bypass
  • Voltage (V) L-N
  • Current (A)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Power Factor (%)
UPS load per module
  • S (KVA) (Apparent Power)
  • P (KW)
  • Q (KVAR)
  • Load (%)
Battery Data
  • Battery temperature (º C )
  • Ambient temperature (º C )
  • Battery capacity (%)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Current (A)
  • Remaining backup time (Min)
  • Float charging
  • Equalized charging
Alarm status

Alarm status including time and date, mains voltage, output voltage, bypass voltage.

Common alarm

Common alarm includes alarming for:


  • Battery disconnect
  • Manual Bypass Switch Closed
  • EPO
  • Generator connect
  • Utility abnormal
  • Bypass phase err
  • Bypass Volt Fail
  • Bypass fail
  • Bypass overload
  • Bypass overload time exceed
  • Bypass frequence out of track
  • Exceed Tx Times Lmt
  • Output shorted
  • Battery EOD
  • On Ups Inhibited
  • Manual Transfer Byp
  • Batt Volt Low
  • Ip Neutral Lost
  • Byp Fan Fail
  • Lost N+X Redundant
  • Parall signal abnormal
  • Battery environment temperature high
  • Rectifier CAN communication abnormal
  • Inverter CAN communication abnormal
  • Inverter date CAN communication abnormal
  • Battery temperature high
  • Bypass CAN communication abnormal
  • Bypass temperature high
  • Batt Reverse
  • Charger abnormal
  • Integrated warning
  • Mains failure warning and utility fail
N# status code

Power module status code. Alarming includes:


  • N# REC Fail
  • N# INV Fail
  • N# REC OV Temp.
  • N# Fan Fail
  • N# Output Ov Load
  • N# INV Ov Load Tout
  • N# INV Ov Temp.
  • N# INV Protect
  • N# Manual Shutdown
Dry Contacts
  • Input
    • Remote EPO (Emergency Power Off) operation
    • Remote static transfer switch operation
  • Output
    • Battery and environment temperature monitoring
    • Static switch feedback
    • Common alarm
    • Utility fail alarm
MP7 UPS touch screen human-machine interface (HMI)
MP7 3 module, 6 module and 10 module product lineup


Redundancy and Hot Swappable Modules


Each 208V MP7 module has a module capacity of 10 kVA.


The modular design allows you to:

  • Easily scale MP7 for growing power requirements
  • “Hot Swap” by quickly adding/replacing modules
  • Have redundant modules in case of failure
  • Run cabinets in parallel
  • Reduce maintenance by stocking standardized modules that fit all cabinet sizes


Power Distribution Units


One central power unit when two or more UPS/inputs are utilized.

Battery Cabinet


  1. Internal (inside UPS)
  2. Internal (external cabinet)
  3. External (rack).

(depending on battery setup and ventilation)

Isolation Transformer


Range between:

208 – 600VAC.

Top Hat Assembly


Provides front access to UPS for ease of maintenance. Aluminum gland plate for running single conductors.

External Maintenance Bypass Panel


Completely isolate power to one central bypass cabinet.

NEMA Enclosures


Other NEMA ratings available upon request.

Additional UPS Options


  • Single cell battery monitoring
  • Temperature probe
  • Dual input
  • Frequency converter mode
  • Dust proof filter

Technical Specifications


Rectifier AC input

Rectifier AC input

Rated AC Input Voltage

200/208VAC (3 phase 4 wire , sharing neutral with the bypass input)

 Input voltage range 

-20% to +25%


 50/60 (range: 40Hz~70Hz)

Power factor

>0.99 @ full load


<3% @ 100% linear load

Bypass and Static Transfer Switch

Switch time (bypass & inverter)

Synchronized switch: ≤ 1ms

Superior Protection Bypass Line

Thermal-magnetic breaker, the capacity is 125% of rated current output


Rated ±3Hz

(selectable from ±0.5Hz ~ ±5Hz)


Rated AC voltage


Inverter Voltage Range



50/60 Hz

Fault Current

340 % short current limitation for 200ms

Steady State Voltage Stability

±1 (balanced load)
±1.5 (100% unbalanced load)

Slew Rate

1%, selectable 0.1~5



Modbus RS-485, RS-232 (optional: Modbus  TCP, SNMP)


Normal mode (dual conversion)


ECO mode

98 %

Battery mode



Battery bus voltage

Nominal: 240 VDC, (±99V~±144V) 2 strings in series (120 Cells)

Quantity of lead-acid cells

 20=[12V unit ] , 120=[2V unit]


264 – 294V

Type of Battery

VRLA/Flooded Lead Acid/ NiCd

Environmental Characteristics

Acoustic noise level at 1 meter

55.0 dB

Operating Altitude

≤3280 above sea level, de-rate power by 1% per 328ft between 3280ft and 6560ft

Relative Humidity

0 to 95%, non-condensing

Operating Temp

0 to 40 ºC

Recommended Battery Storage Temp.

– 20 ºC~30 ºC (20°C for optimum battery storage)

UPS Storage Temp

– 20 ºC~70 ºC

Mechanical Characteristics

Cabinet Specification




Enclosure H” x W” x D”

44 x 23.6 x 35.4

63 x 23.6 x 35.4

78.7 x 23.6 x 35.4

Weight (lb)






Protection Level

NEMA 1 (optional: NEMA 2, 3R or 12)

Approval Certificates


CSA-C22.2 No.107.3,  UL 1778,  CE 73/23 & 93/68



18 months from date of shipment

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