Custom AC and DC UPS

Custom AC and DC UPS



RIC Electronics designs and manufactures AC & DC UPS solutions to fit demanding industrial needs. Whether it be single or dual input, redundant rectification, AC and/or DC output, RIC will create a custom system that meets or exceeds the required technical specifications.


Not being constrained to one size of cabinet or type of system, RIC Electronics can utilize SCR or high frequency switch-mode rectification based on the requirements.


Backup time can be provided internally or externally depending on the amount of time needed.


The system on the right hand side provides AC (120VAC, 3KW) output, DC (125VDC, 50A) output and is complete with a static transfer switch and maintenance bypass switch.


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Custom AC DC UPS system
AC DC UPS including IGBT AC to DC rectifier and DC to AC inverter.



  • SCR or high frequency switch mode rectifier
  • AC single phase/three phase
  • Voltage: 2-600V (input or output)
  • Power: 120 watts – 200kW
  • Backup time: 5 minutes – multiple days (optional redundancy)
  • Single or dual (multiple source) input
  • NEMA 1 enclosure (NEMA 2, 3R, 4/4X and 12 available)
  • Redundant chargers

Sample Configuration 1: AC input / AC output UPS

AC to AC custom UPS Diagram

Sample Configuration 1: AC input / AC and DC output

AC input to AC and DC output UPS diagram

Sample Configuration 1: AC input (with redundant option)/AC or DC output (with redundant option)

Redundant AC DC UPS diagram

AC/DC Uninterruptible Power Supply with Internal Battery Rack


AC/DC Hybrid


Seen in the picture on the left hand side, this AC/DC hybrid is contained in a NEMA 3R enclosure which is fully insulated. It contains an internal battery rack, AC, DC and battery breakers. Additionally it has an SCR rectifier and modular DC-AC MX Inverter. This provides both AC and DC power to the load.

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