CP8 Single Phase Clean Power UPS


The CP8 Single Phase Clean Power UPS keeps your mission-critical power equipment well protected against common power anomalies such as: power sags and brownouts, harmonic distortions, voltage surges/spikes, input noise, and frequency fluctuations at all times. It provides clean, uninterrupted power with precise voltage regulation which guarantees a true sinewave output.


CP8 has high efficiency which helps reduce electrical cost. Further, the UPS is conformally coated which helps protect from degradation, making it a viable solution for a variety of industries such as telecom, IT/data centers and others.


The CP8 models are available in wide range of power ratings including, 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000, 10000VA. Up to three moduels can be connected in parallel for added capacity on 6 and 10kVA models.



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CP8 Features (All Models)


•Output power factor 0.96 ~ 1 (model dependent)

•Exceptional output voltage regulation of +/-1%

•Active input power factor correction 0.99

•Outstanding overload capability

•High efficiency up to 89% Normal, 96% ECO

•50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode

•Hot swappable battery design

•ECO mode energy saving

•Input EMI filter for surge protection

•USB/RS-232 communications

•Low input THDi

•Optional SNMP/Modbus RS485/Alarm card/Wifi Card

•Emergency power off function (EPO)

•4 programmable power management outlets

CP8 Features (6/10 kVA)


•State-of-Art DSP technology guarantees increase in reliability and noise immunity
•Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
•Generator compatible
•Adjustable battery numbers
•Optional N+1 redundancy up to 3
•Optional isolation transformer for 120VAC nominal output