CP8 Single Phase UPS

CP8 Single Phase Clean Power UPS


Online UPS / Double-Conversion / Application: Network, Server Room, Telecom, Data Center, Industrial / Pure Sine Wave / Rack Mount / Tower

Output: 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 6kVA, 10kVA (parallel up to three 6/10kVA units)


The CP8 Single Phase Clean Power UPS keeps your mission-critical power equipment well protected against common power anomalies such as: power sags and brownouts, harmonic distortions, voltage surges/spikes, input noise, and frequency fluctuations at all times.


It provides clean, uninterrupted power with precise voltage regulation which guarantees a true sine wave output. CP8 has high efficiency which helps reduce electrical cost. Further, the UPS is conformally coated which helps protect from degradation, making it a viable solution for a variety of applications such as telecom, data centers, server rooms and others.


The CP8 uninterruptible power supply offers models providing a wide range of power ratings including: 1000VA, 2000VA, 3000VA, 6000VA, and 10000VA. Up to three modules can be connected in parallel for added capacity on 6 and 10kVA models.




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1kVA Single Phase UPS

CP8 Features (All Models)


  • Output power factor: 1, 6, 10kVA: 1; 1, 2/3kVA: 0.96
  • Exceptional output voltage regulation of +/-1%
  • Active input power factor correction 0.99
  • Outstanding overload capability
  • High efficiency up to 91%
  • 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
  • 4 programmable power management outlets (1-3kVA only)
  • Emergency power off function (EPO)
  • Hot swappable battery design
  • ECO mode energy saving
  • Input EMI filter for surge protection
  • USB/RS-232 communications
  • Low input THDi
  • Optional SNMP/Modbus RS485/Alarm card/Wifi card/External maintenance bypass (6/10kVA only)

CP8 Features (6/10 kVA)


  • State-of-Art DSP technology guarantees increase in reliability and noise immunity
  • Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
  • Generator compatible
  • Adjustable battery numbers
  • Optional N+1 redundancy up to 3 units
  • Optional isolation transformer for 120VAC nominal output