MX Inverter

MX Industrial DC to AC Sinewave Inverter




When you need clean, efficient AC power, RIC Electronics offers its MX inverter.


This modular, “hot swappable” inverter system can provide up to 20KW (1PH), 40KW (bi-phase) and 60KW (3PH, 208VAC).


Because of its modular design, MX is easily expandable and can provide N+1 redundancy to ensure an unforeseen failure does not take down the critical load.


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Modular DC/AC power inverter
1000 Watt inverter power module

MX Features


  • 1000 watt power modules
  • Redundant N+1 configuration
  • High efficiency
  • Minimizes output voltage distortion
  • Provides over and under voltage circuitry protection
  • Surface, rack or shelf mounting capability (depending on size)