SB7 Battery Charger

SB7 Industrial Battery Charger


The SB7 is RIC Electronics’ premier SCR battery charger. The SB7 provides power to critical DC loads through a wide range of outputs and is engineered for maximum reliability and ease of maintenance.


A key component of the charger is usability, that’s why RIC has designed a responsive human-machine interface with built in LEDs and mimic screen. Providing a bright two line vacuum florescent display and central keypad, performing routine maintenance couldn’t be easier.


RIC Electronics focuses on continual innovation. This has enabled the SB7 to provide “Mean Time Between Failure” to over 200,000 hours and reduce “Mean Time To Repair” to less than 30 minutes.


Offering fast lead times and customized solutions, RIC Electronics is your go-to for all industry applications.


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Industrial 125VDC Power Supply with HMI and AC/DC breakers
125VDC Floor mounted SB7 industrial battery charger with modbus communications, AC monitoring, and AC/DC circuit breakers with breaker lockouts

SB7 Features


  • Output blocking diode
  • Digital output voltage and current metering
  • Battery test mode
  • Temperature compensation (optional probe required)
  • Modbus communications TCP (RS-485 & RS-232)
  • Molded case UL 489 AC input and DC breakers
  • Designed for parallel operation and load sharing
  • Automatic and manual equalize and float modes with configurable setpoints and alarming
  • High temperature shutdown

SB7 Provides 20+ Year Design Life


Alarming & Control


  • Programmable common alarm
  • Programmable Form C relays and digital inputs
  • High DC voltage
  • Low DC voltage/end of battery voltage
  • AC failure/loss
  • Rectifier failure
  • Ground fault (+/-)
  • Charger overload
  • Control card temperature (high/low)
  • High ripple alarm
SB7 human-machine interface (HMI) with LCD display, programmable LEDs and mimic screen


Types of Batteries


The SB7 standby battery charger can use valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA) – sealed or flooded, or nickel cadmium batteries (NiCd). Depending on the requirements of the job, the batteries chosen will have either a 10 or 20 year design life. Based on specification, batteries can be integrated into the SB7 unit, put in an external enclosed battery rack, or put in an external open battery bank. RIC will provide the entire solution.

Additional Options

Mechanical Options
  • Self-standing NEMA 2, 3R, 4/4X and 12
  • Integrated battery rack
  • High seismic rating as per IEEE 693
  • Enclosure insulation
  • Conformal coating
  • Heater, air conditioner, fan c/w thermostat
  • Redundant configuration
  • Integrated load distribution breakers
  • Breakers padlock provision/kirk-key
  • Door mounted mushroom button E-stop
Electrical Options
  • 12 pulse rectifier
  • Input monitoring (voltage, current, frequency, kW, kVA & harmonics)
  • Shunt trip (AC/DC, and/or battery breaker)
  • High short circuit capacity (KA) breakers
  • Communication:
    • DNP3: RS-485,RS-232, Ethernet
    • Fiberoptic
    • SNMP
  • Relay card (2 form C contacts per alarm)
  • Auxiliary alarm contact on breakers
  • Dual input source option c/w breaker interlock
  • Temperature probe (5,10,15m)
Inside SB7 battery charger showing internal electrical components including: transformers, circuit breakers, PCB, HMI and heat sink

Technical Specifications


Input AC Voltage

1ph- 120, 208, 240, 480, 600V

3ph- 208, 480, 600V

(Other voltages optional)

Input Breaker Short Circuit Rating

240VAC – 65kAIC (standard) –

up to 200 kAIC (optional)

480VAC – 35 kAIC (standard) –

up to 200 kAIC (optional)

600VAC – 18 kAIC (standard) –

up to 100 kAIC (optional)


50 / 60 Hz

Power Factor 

≤ 0.95 (model dependant)

Input Voltage Tolerance


Frequency Tolerance

± 2 Hz

Short Circuit Protection

Auto shutdown at 250% of rated output (Auto Recovery)


Output DC Voltage

12, 24, 48, 120, 240VDC (others upon request)

Output DC Voltage Range

12VDC: 1-15, 24VDC: 1-30V, 48VDC: 1-60V , 120VDC: 1-150V, 240VDC: 1-300

Output Breaker Short Circuit Rating

240VDC – 10 kAIC (standard) –

up to 30 kAIC (optional)

Output Current

5 to 1200A


≤ 93% (model dependant)


<0.5% for input variation of 10%


1% (150mV optional)

Technical Features

Programmable Form C Relays


Programmable LEDs


Programmable Digital Inputs



Operating Temperature

-25 to 40°C (up to 55°C optional)

Storage Temperature

-40 to 50°C

Altitude Above Sea Level

 1000m w/o derating

Method of Cooling


Noise Level (1 meter)

 <60 dBA


0 to 95%, non-condensing

General Features


NEMA 1 (Optional: NEMA 2, 3R, 4/4X or 12)

Enclosure Size

Size between:

24”H x 20”W x 16”D &

70.87”H x 47.24”W x 31.50”D

(model dependant)


CSA 107.1/107.2/UL1012


Modbus: TCP, RS-485, RS-232; Ethernet

(Optional: DNP3, Fiberoptic, SNMP)


18 months from date of sale

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