HB5 High Frequency Switch Mode Charger

HB5 High Frequency Switch-Mode Industrial Battery Charger


The HB5 is RIC Electronics’ most durable, digitally controlled switch-mode battery charger to date.


Built for industries that demand rugged and long-lasting equipment, HB5 boasts “Mean Time Between Failure” of 200,000 hours and “Mean Time To Repair” of just 20 minutes.


HB5 provides flexible power output (12, 24, 32, 36 and 48VDC) and built in protection (AC/DC breakers) to meet varying industry needs.


Including an LCD screen, customizable alarms, push button control, and Modbus RS-485 communication, HB5 is your solution for providing power to critical standby applications.


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HB5 industrial high frequency switch mode battery charger
HB5 battery charger in NEMA 1 enclosure with ventilation




HB5 Features


  • Wide range AC input (optional DC input)
  • AC input and DC output breakers
  • Filtered output for valve regulated batteries
  • Back lit 2 line LCD display with 4 button user interface
  • Modbus RS485 communications
  • 4 mode equalize – manual, 30 day, start up and AC fail
  • Temperature compensation (optional temperature probe is required)
  • Modify output voltage and current, alarm set points and equalize timer via keypad or communication protocol
  • 6 form C alarm relays (configurable to any alarms)

For reliable, durable DC power.

 Standard Alarming and Monitoring

  • Common alarm (configurable)
  • Equalize
  • Low battery voltage
  • High battery voltage
  • AC/DC fail
  • Low temp
  • High temp
  • Shunt trip
  • Rectifier fail
  • +/- GND fault detection
  • High temp

Form C Contact Alarms

  • Common alarm
  • Low battery voltage
  • High battery voltage
  • Rectifier fail
  • AC/DC fail
  • Equalize
Inside HB5 battery charger displaying IGBT power supply
24VDC, 10A HB5 high frequency charger in NEMA 4 enclosure

 Types of Enclosures


The size of the enclosure depends on the the size of the charger and the options selected. Types of enclosures available include:


NEMA 1: basic protection from falling dirt

Indoor/Outdoor Enclosures

NEMA 2: protection from falling dirt, dripping and splashing water.

NEMA 3R: protection from falling dirt, water, and ice

NEMA 4: protection from falling dirt, water, and ice + protection from windblown dust and hose directed water

NEMA 4X: protection from falling dirt, water, and ice + protection from windblown dust and hose directed water + added protection from corrosion

Indoor Enclosure

NEMA 12: falling dirt, circulating dust, light water splashing

Additional Options


  • Battery monitoring
  • Enclosure options:
    • NEMA 2
    • NEMA 3R
    • NEMA 4/4X
    • NEMA 12
  • Integrated battery rack
  • Parallel operation (redundant configuration)
  • 19” or 23” rack mountable
  • Battery/load distribution breakers
  • Din rail mount or special OEM package
  • Temperature probe
  • Extended temperature -40° to 40° C
  • Conformal coating
  • Blocking diode
  • Communication options:
    • DNP3: RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet
    • Fiberoptic
    • SNMP
Floor mounted HB5 switch-mode charger with integrated battery rack

Battery Monitoring Option


HB5 battery monitoring module adds battery monitoring and low battery voltage disconnect capabilities. It protects the battery by disconnecting the load from the battery when the battery voltage is below a critical setpoint value (voltage settpoint fully adjustable). The following monitoring and alarming features are included in this option, in addition to the standard monitoring and alarming features standard in HB5.

Additional Monitoring


  • Load voltage
  • Battery voltage
  • Midpoint 1 voltage
  • Midpoint 2 voltage
  • Current
  • Battery charge/discharge

Additional Alarming


  • Low battery voltage
  • Midpoint 1 battery voltage imbalance
  • Midpoint 2 battery voltage imbalance
  • Battery fuse open

Technical Specifications


Input AC Voltage

1PH 100-240VAC

(3PH input on 100amp output units)

Input DC Voltage

Optional 18-32VDC


45 – 65 Hz

Short Circuit Protection

Electronically Current Limited


Output DC Voltage

12, 24, 36, 48VDC (others upon request)


+/- 1%



General Features





Soft Start

Electronic Soft Start


CSA 107.1/107.2/UL1012


Modbus: RS-485

(Optional: DNP3: RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet; Fiberoptic; SNMP)

Form C Relays


Method of Cooling

Natural Convection

Operation Temperature

-20° to 40° (Optional: Extended Temperature -40° to 40°)

Storage Temperature

-40° to 50°

Altitude Above Sea Level

1000m w/o derating

Noise Level (1 meter)

<60 dBA


0 to 95%, non-condensing


18 months from date of shipment

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