RIC Electronics provides a focused product line consisting of highly customizable, constantly evolving battery chargers, rectifiers, uninterruptible power supplies, and inverters. Through continuous R&D, RIC strives to make each iteration more beneficial for the end user.

Industrial DC battery chargers

Battery Chargers


Standby SCR and high frequency switch-mode chargers. Available in wall mount, floor mount and rack mount.


Battery Charger Products
Industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supply


Uninterruptible AC power solutions from 10-400kVA. Fully modular and “hot swappable” – MP7 provides highly reliable backup power and low MTTR.


AC UPS Products
Custom high power rectifiers



Offering regulated and unregulated rectifiers, self-contained, or inside a container, SCR or IGBT technology and a power range of up to several megawatts.


Industrial Rectifiers
Modular DC/AC power inverter



DC to AC inverters offering  flexible input and output configurations, high efficiency, and low distortion.


Inverter Products

Proudly manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.